Fair Labor Investigations Reports

FLA publishes the results of independent investigations related to Third Party Complaints, brand-commissioned investigations, and FLA-commissioned special investigations.

Independent investigations are used to address situations where there is a perceived need to investigate a potentially serious violation of worker rights and carry out remediation, but a formal Third Party Complaint has not been filed or is not appropriate.

Standards of independence, remediation, and transparency are characteristic across all Fair Labor Investigations.

  • Factory Assessment

    adidas, Outerstuff LLC

    El Salvador
  • Annual Public Reports

    2020 and 2021 Combined Annual Report

  • Investigation

    RT Knits, Mauritius

  • Special Project

    FLA Strategic Plan 2023–2028

  • Accreditation Assessment

    PopSockets Assessment for Accreditation

  • Agriculture Assessment

    “In a Nutshell": Efficacy of Balsu’s Child Protection Program

  • Agriculture Assessment

    Working conditions in OFI's cocoa supply chain in Indonesia

  • Third Party Complaint

    Supertex, El Salvador

  • Agriculture Assessment

    Baseline Mapping Report — FGV Holdings Berhad (Malaysia), 2021–2022

  • Third Party Complaint

    Arik Bey Tekstil Beysehir, Türkiye

  • Agriculture Assessment

    Olam / Ofi Independent External Verification Report Turkey 2021

  • Agriculture Assessment

    COVID-19 Impact on Agricultural Workers

  • Agriculture Assessment

    Progress in Addressing Child Labor in the Olam Cocoa Supply Chain in Côte d Ivoire

  • Factory Assessment


  • Agriculture Assessment

    Mapping Working Conditions and Child Labor in the Nestlé Cocoa Supply Chain in Cameroon

Did you know FLA tracks the status of Third Party Complaints?