Supply Chain Innovation

Nike, Inc.

All Nike footwear, apparel and equipment. Nike, Inc.'s compliance program is accredited by FLA.

From the Nike, Inc. website: Our greatest responsibility as a global company is to play a role in bringing about positive, systemic change for workers within our supply chain and in the industry. We're looking end-to-end, from the first phase of our product creation process to the impacts of our decisions on the lives of workers in the factories that bring our product to life.

In September 2004, FLA published a report on two Third Party Complaints (3PC) filed by the Free Trade Zone Workers Union (FTZWU) and Nike, respectively, regarding the highly-publicized dispute between workers and management about worker affiliation with the union. FLA worked with the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), a local NGO, to convene a roundtable discussion. After two days of negotiation and consultations at the roundtable, a Memorandum of Understanding between the union and management was developed and both parties agreed to implement the MOU in good faith.

In September 2003, FLA published a Summary Report on the Third Party Complaint (3PC) filed by FLA Participating Companies Nike, Reebok and adidas alleging freedom of association violations and other noncompliance issues at BJ&B. The FLA investigated the situation and made recommendations to ensure that freedom of association rights were respected.