Supply Chain Innovation



There is no perfect factory or farm. Local issues and cultural norms - combined with global factors such as economic pressure and consumer demand - result in new and ever-changing threats to workers' rights each day. International supply chains are so complex that it would be impossible for any individual organization or person to solve these problems alone. FLA affiliates include companies, universities and civil society organizations that are committed to protecting workers' rights by promoting adherence to international labor standards. These diverse stakeholders draw on FLA's expertise and learn from each others' experiences to develop ethical and equitable supply chains. Learn more about the efforts of FLA affiliates below and see the impact of our work.

Chenfeng, based in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China (near Shanghai). Six factories produce apparel, including shirts, pants, leisure suits, pajamas, sports wear, silk shirts, and children’s wear.

Cividep-India is an NGO based in Bangalore, India, which works to ensure that businesses comply with national and international standards of human rights and labour rights. With this objective, Cividep studies the effects of corporate activities on communities and educates workers about their rights. Cividep is currently active in the garments, electronics and leather manufacturing industries in South India as well as coffee and tea plantations in Karnataka and Assam.

About the school's commitment to protecting workers' rights and the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct: College of Charleston is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner consistent with its educational and public service mission, and to protecting and preserving the global environment. The College understands that vendors are independent entities, but the business practices and actions of a vendor may significantly impact and/or reflect upon us, our reputation and our brand, which is one of our most important assets.


All Colosseum knits and fleece products (jerseys, tees, and outerwear, including tops and bottoms) 

From the Colosseum website: At Colosseum Athletics we realize that our sourcing decisions have a social impact in factories around the globe. Along with meeting our customer’s expectations, we are also active in improving working conditions for hundreds of workers wherever Colosseum products are made. We feel responsible for the well-being of workers finishing our products and are committed to improving their quality of life.