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Fair Labor Association statement on sourcing from China and forced labor risk

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For more recent guidance on Xinjiang, see FLA’s December 2020 statement

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) is deeply troubled by credible reports of forced labor and other violations of fundamental human rights in the Xinjiang region of China. We call for an immediate end to these violations and pledge to work collaboratively with governments, civil society, unions, and multilateral organizations to achieve this goal.

Forced labor in Xinjiang is having a negative impact on manufacturing in China and other parts of Asia because cotton and other raw materials are sourced from this region. Recent reports also describe government-mandated employment schemes for Uyghurs using forced labor outside of Xinjiang.

We have directed our affiliates to review their direct and indirect sourcing relationships, identify alternative sourcing opportunities, and develop timebound plans to ensure that their sourcing is in line with the FLA’s principles. The FLA will engage with our affiliates as well as governments and other stakeholders to identify shared solutions to end these human rights violations.


For the past 20 years, the Fair Labor Association has worked to protect and promote the rights of workers across the global supply chain through collaboration among business, civil society, and colleges and universities. FLA is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors that includes an independent chair and eighteen members equally representing leading universities, labor and human rights organizations, and companies. FLA-affiliated companies and the factories that supply them commit to uphold high labor rights standards. The FLA conducts transparent and independent monitoring to identify the root causes of labor rights violations and work toward sustainable solutions.

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