Company Membership

FLA is an investment in establishing business practices that benefit global farm and factory workers that reflects brands’ commitments to labor rights.

FLA members protect the rights of workers in global supply chains by identifying and resolving labor issues and creating systems to prevent violations of labor standards. Members become part of an international network of learning, innovation, and impact that improves working conditions and workers’ lives.

Here’s what makes joining FLA a smart and socially responsible decision.

Reduce supply chain risks through innovation and monitoring

FLA Accreditation and ongoing technical assistance reduce operational risks within a company’s supply chain to protect the rights of its global workforce.

FLA’s accreditation process is based on robust labor standards that help companies build capacity, innovate, and resolve workplace issues through systemic improvement and holding companies accountable to their commitments. 

Improve long-term worker safety and productivity

FLA membership can lead to sustainable workforce improvements for enterprises that directly employ production or agriculture workers.

For example, improved working conditions can translate to lower turnover, increased job satisfaction, efficient resolution of agreements, and safer working conditions.

Respond to customer demand for social responsibility

FLA membership is a sign that a company cares about its global workforce – a corporate value that is increasingly appreciated in the marketplace.

FLA offers the only comprehensive program of its kind that aligns with the International Labour Organization, UN Guiding Principles, and the OECD, once described as “the gold standard” among voluntary initiatives to protect workers’ rights.

FLA members demonstrate to customers and stakeholders a serious commitment to understanding and integrating the interests of workers into business decisions.

Expand access to expertise

By joining FLA, companies can be assured that the best minds in labor rights are aligned with their teams.

FLA’s multi-stakeholder network allows member companies to access, work with, and learn from other leading brands, universities, civil society organizations, and other like-minded international organizations.

The result is that companies are better able to balance business interests with decent working conditions in their supply chains.

Demonstrate your commitment to the “social” in environment, social, and governance investment standards

For publicly listed companies, FLA Accreditation signals a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Investors can rely upon FLA’s respected standards and independently verified reviews of a company’s systems to uphold labor rights in its supply chain.


Learn how your company can advance workers' rights through FLA membership