FLA University Caucus Membership


The FLA University Caucus includes approximately 140 academic institutions in North America.

These FLA University Members are committed to fair labor standards and human rights wherever their branded merchandise is produced and thus require their trademark licensees to join the FLA Collegiate Licensee Program. Learn more.

How to Join the FLA University Caucus 

Any college or university in North America is eligible to join the FLA University Caucus.  

If you are considering joining FLA, you can follow these three steps: 

  1. Download the FLA University Program Overview to learn more about the program and to calculate your annual dues, which are based on licensing royalties.  
  2. Email Danielle Roberts, FLA University Program Manager, droberts@fairlabor.org, with any questions and to schedule an introductory conversation.
  3. Submit the FLA University Member Registration Form to droberts@fairlabor.org