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Joint letter to the government of Indonesia on worker rights

Issues Employment Relationship Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining Health Safety & Environment Hours of Work

The Fair Labor Association is one of two dozen organizations jointly calling on the government of Indonesia to ensure that current labor laws remain consistent with international standards as national legislators consider the Omnibus Law on Job Creation. 

Signatories – which include brands, civil society organizations, and business organizations – expressed concern in the letter with the Labor Cluster of the proposed omnibus bill, which was submitted by the Widodo Government to the People’s Representative Council.

The letter also requests that the government consider the potentially deleterious effects that the proposed amendments would create for trade unions. “As part of this effort, we urge the Government to fulsomely engage with trade unions and business associations so that their views are meaningfully reflected in the final bill that is passed by the People’s Consultative Assembly.”

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