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Joint letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Issues COVID-19 Health Safety & Environment

FLA joined with five partner organizations to engage the government of India and call attention to state-level actions, which could “seriously jeopardize the safety, security, and well-being of workers in India.

The concerns involve COVID-related amendments that relax labor laws or regulations via state executive order or imprecise suspensions in light of the global pandemic’s economic impact.

“This challenge demonstrates that the health and well-being of workers, communities, and businesses are inextricably linked. We hope that the Government of India will respond to the crisis with leadership policies that recognize this link as the key to recovery,” the letter states.

The organizations, in their appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, request that the government:

  • ensure that the restrictions on labor laws promoted by state governments are not implemented;
  • encourage those governments to consult with affected stakeholders, including trade unions, before proposing additional changes to state labor laws; and
  • ensure that all eight fundamental ILO conventions are implemented in India.

A follow-up appeal in July was signed by 49 companies.

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