Duke University

Durham, NC

About the school’s commitment to protecting workers’ rights and the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct: 

Duke is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Duke has taken a leadership role in efforts to ensure decent and humane working conditions in factories. Duke requires that all manufacturers of products bearing Duke’s trademarks strictly adhere to a Code of Conduct in the manufacture of those products. Duke prohibits products bearing its trademarks from being manufactured in abusive and unfair labor conditions. Issues addressed in the Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to: wages & benefits, working hours, overtime compensation, child labor, forced labor, health and safety, non-discrimination, and harassment or abuse. In addition, Duke requires all of its licensees to publicly disclose the names and locations of all of their factories which manufacture products that bear Duke’s trademarks. Duke Licensees are required to subject those factories to independent monitoring of factory labor conditions through two organizations with which Duke is affiliated, the Worker Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association.