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Issaquah, WA

SanMar is the largest supplier of promotional apparel in the United States. Since its founding in 1971, the company has grown to more than 5,500 employees who all work by the same simple values they held since the beginning: Be Nice and Tell the Truth. SanMar brands include Port Authority, Sport-Tek, Port & Company, Mercer+Mettle, Allmade, District, CornerStone, and Volunteer Knitwear.

The t-shirts, polos, hats, outerwear, bags, and accessories SanMar provides help create a sense of pride and community for teams large and small, from the multinational corporation to the local softball crew to the two-person donut shop on the corner. Every shirt we ship is another way to create meaningful connections and elevate lives.

SanMar works hard to provide apparel and accessories that are made ethically and responsibly.

Since it was first accredited in 2012, SanMar has been an active participant in FLA, upholding the Fair Labor Code of Conduct and working with FLA to further develop its social compliance systems. SanMar’s Senior Manager of Factory Compliance, Prathika Kurian, has served on the FLA Business Caucus Board since November 2022.

Joined FLA: 2007

FLA Accredited: 2012

SanMar is honored to build on our decade-long legacy of accreditation with FLA. Our people are our top priority and the work we do with supplier relationships, data management and workplace training are critical steps toward setting a high standard for labor rights in the apparel industry
Jeremy Lott, SanMar President