Los Angeles, CA

At SKIMS, inclusivity is in our DNA, demonstrated by our proud commitment to provide an equal platform for every body. This commitment extends to our suppliers, where we aspire to have a positive influence on the working conditions and well-being of our workers throughout our supply chain.

Realizing that we cannot achieve this alone, we view the FLA as a collaborative, industry-wide approach to create scalable and meaningful impact. Partnering with other brands allows us to collectively enhance labor conditions on a global scale.

Joined FLA: 2023

At SKIMS, we believe in partnering with experts, and the FLA offers expertise in ensuring fair labor practices. We see the FLA as a vital opportunity to cultivate best practices and develop our responsible sourcing program. This application and partnership aren't just a choice; they represent the right thing to do, aligning with our commitment to ethical growth and the well-being of those integral to our supply chain.