Task and Labor Risk Mapping: Soy and Corn Seeds in Brazil

In January 2012, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) launched a study of soy and corn seeds in Brazil to develop a better understanding of the local conditions, practices, and labor standards in the country’s agriculture sector.

The study was conducted with an independent external expert, and data was collected through meetings with stakeholders including Instituto Ethos, a leading CSR organization in Brazil; and union representatives from Sindicato dos trabalhadores rurais de Minas Gerais in Serra do Salitre and Sindicato de trabalhadores rurais de Uberlandia of Uberlandia.

This study included interviews with 10 management staff at both farms; two union representatives based in Serra do Salitre and Uberlandia; one representative from Ethos in Sao Paulo; eight representatives from Syngenta in Sao Paulo, Uberlandia and Unai; and 39 workers, of which 15 were women.

Labor standards risks were mapped at three levels in this study:

  • Country (local conditions, labor laws, etc.)
  • Supply chain management systems (code awareness, training, etc.)
  • Farm (tasks, working conditions, etc.)