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Final Foxconn Verification Status Report

Publication date: 
Thursday, December 12, 2013

Between October 28 and November 8, 2013, independent labor monitoring organizations engaged by the FLA returned to the three Foxconn facilities in Longhua, Guanlan and Chengdu to verify the implementation status of remedial action items from January through June of 2013. This was the third and final verification of the robust 15-month action plan Apple and Foxconn created in response to the findings from FLA’s full body scan of working conditions and compliance with Chinese labor laws at these Foxconn facilities in the first quarter of 2012. Read the report, along with detailed information on each of the action items, below.

Read the original investigation report and action plan at www.fairlabor.org/report/foxconn-investigation-report, and see FLA's verification updates from March 2012 at www.fairlabor.org/report/foxconn-remediation-verification and from May 2013 at www.fairlabor.org/report/2013-foxconn-remediation-verification.

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