Century Miracle, Jordan

Yee Tung Garment Company Ltd. (Yee Tung Group), headquartered in Hong Kong, is an FLA Participating Supplier. Among the factories owned by Yee Tung Group is Century Miracle Ltd. (Century Miracle), located in the Al Hassan Industrial Estate, Ramtha, Jordan. The factory produces knits and t-shirts for several international buyers.

In early 2013, the international press began to report on clashes at the factory involving migrant Burmese workers and concerns about their safety. In mid-February, a small number of Burmese workers launched a strike protesting discrimination regarding pay and working conditions and demanding Burmese-friendly food; by the end of February, the strike had expanded to nearly all of the approximately 1,300 Burmese workers at the factory.

In early March, tensions escalated when four female Burmese workers were injured in an altercation with supervisors and maintenance workers in the dormitories. As a result of these developments, a number of Burmese workers demanded to return to their country of origin. However, the workers who wanted to return to Burma were stranded in Jordan as they did not have the means to finance their return.

In mid-March 2013, the FLA asked Yee Tung to address allegations of discrimination and forced labor involving migrant Burmese workers at Century Miracle and to inform the FLA about specific remediation steps planned and implemented.