E Garment, Cambodia

In mid-March 2013, the Fair Labor Association engaged Veasna Nuon, an independent expert on Cambodian industrial relations, to investigate allegations of freedom of association violations at the E Garment factory in Cambodia by the Worker Rights Consortium.

E Garment is owned and operated by FLA Participating Supplier Yee Tung Group; Category B Licensee VF Corporation sources from the factory. This interim report summarizes the assessment by the independent expert; describes the context and content of an agreement signed on March 26, 2013, between the union federation C.CAWDU and E Garment following negotiations facilitated by FLA President & CEO, Auret van Heerden; discusses an issue that was renegotiated after the conclusion of the original agreement; and outlines the plan of action for E Garment aimed at improving the industrial relations climate at the factory in accord with the March 26, 2013 agreement between C.CAWDU and management.

UPDATE:  The FLA completed an independent verification of the implementation of the remediation plan at the E-Garment factory at the end of 2014, which has been added below.