Arik Bey Tekstil Beysehir, Türkiye

FLA received a Third-Party Complaint (TPC) filed by the TEKSIF union on March 30, 2022, alleging violations of workers’ freedom of association rights in two adidas suppliers in Türkiye, specifically Arik Bey Tekstil (a strategic direct supplier) and Beybo Boya (an indirect contractor facility of Arik Bey Tekstil), both located in the city of Konya. Following a thorough review of the complaint and consultations with the TEKSIF union and adidas representatives, FLA initiated an independent third-party complaint investigation on April 13, 2022. The independent investigation report, inclusive of recommendations from the investigator, was posted in July 2022.

Upon the report’s publication, adidas collaborated closely with its direct supplier to address the issues outlined in the independent investigation report. As a result of these efforts, adidas formulated a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), which FLA reviewed, approved, and subsequently posted on FLA’s webpage as of September 2022.

Following close consultation with its direct supplier, adidas completed the corrective action items listed in the CAP. adidas informed FLA that it is ready for a verification visit, inviting FLA as an observer. In August 2023, adidas’ regional SEA (Social Environmental Affairs) Manager and FLA’s Safeguards Manager visited both factories. They went through the CAP items and conducted interviews with workers, including a founding union member who was dismissed and then reinstated as part of the CAP implementation.

FLA and adidas representatives observed the successful implementation of all corrective action plan items that were mutually agreed upon. Critical topics such as reinstatement and dialogue with the union showed improvement, with no new complaints filed by the TEKSIF union since communication with the employer and the reinstatement of their founding member in Arik Bey Tekstil.

Despite the challenges ahead, FLA is confident that the carefully developed recommendations in the report, focusing on these production facilities, can lead to substantial improvements benefiting the workers in both factories. As of September 2023, since the allegations in the union’s complaint, and the recommendations and open issues identified during the FLA TPC, have been addressed, FLA has closed this case. Like any other closed TPC case, FLA and its member brand will continue collaborating on possible improvements and potential new complaints that may arise in the future. Further information can be found in the updated CAP posted along with this summary.