All Patagonia in-store products including footwear. Patagonia's compliance program is accredited by FLA.

From the Patagonia website: We have integrated corporate responsibility into our sourcing strategy: when considering new factories we take a fourfold vetting approach – one that includes social and environmental practices equally with quality standards and business requirements like financial stability, adequate capacity and fair pricing.

The RESPECT Project is an initiative of the European Commission, supported by FLA, which encourages buyers and suppliers to engage in more responsible purchasing practices. In support of this project, FLA conducted an online survey among 25 buyers and 30 suppliers from various sectors throughout Asia, Central America, the Middle East and Bulgaria. Several FLA affiliates – including Zephyr Graf-X, adidas Group, Patagonia, Mountain Equipment Co-op, New Wave, The s. Oliver Group, and prAna – participated in the survey. Of the Buyers: 100% have a dedicated department in...
This is a guest post from FLA Participating Company, Patagonia. It was written by Vincent Stanley, co-author with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company, to be published August 2012. Bill McKibben made an interesting point a few years back when he compared the yields of factory farming and organic or low-input farming. Factory farming (with subsidies) yields more dollars per acre but an organic field yields more food. Factory farming requires industrial simplicity and heavy engineering: a few hundred acres of straight-rowed crops of the same variety, requiring vehicles as expensive as...

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, the Fair Labor Association sent a letter to the Ministry of Labor in Myanmar standing against efforts to exempt the fast-growing garment sector from paying their workers the country's new minimum wage.  The letter was signed by the FLA Vice President of Programs and 17 FLA affiliates.  

Patagonia was approved by the FLA Board for affiliation as a Participating Company in 2001. The FLA Board accredited Patagonia’s labor compliance program in October 2008.

This assessment for reaccreditation of Patagonia’s labor compliance program covers the period 2009-2012. It is based on information provided by Patagonia in its annual reports to the FLA, verified through visits to the company’s headquarter office, field observation, a review of FLA supplier-level assessments at Patagonia applicable facilities, and interactions with civil society organizations.

Patagonia is a privately owned company that designs, develops, and markets clothing and gear for a wide range of outdoor sports, travel, and everyday wear. Patagonia is headquartered in Ventura, California. The FLA Board of Directors voted to approve the accreditation of Patagonia’s compliance program on October 28, 2008, based on proven adherence to FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct and the Obligations fo Companies.