Patagonia Assessment for Reaccreditation

A worker stitches the brim of a cap in a facility producing for Patagonia.

The FLA Board of Directors voted on October 4, 2017, to approve the reaccreditation of Patagonia’s labor compliance program.

Patagonia’s reaccreditation covers the period from 2014 to 2017.  In 2017, Patagonia included 81 applicable facilities in 14 countries in the FLA program.  While the FLA does not require subcontractors to be disclosed, Patagonia has included its subcontractors within their scope of FLA membership for SCI assessments.  Major sourcing countries include Vietnam (18 factories), Sri Lanka (17 factories), and China (11 factories); Patagonia also sources from 20 factories in the Americas.  From 2014 to 2017, Patagonia received four factory-level SCI assessments: two in Sri Lanka, and one each in the Philippines and Thailand.  Patagonia received one SCI verification, to assess for factory-level improvements, in 2017 in Sri Lanka.  The FLA also conducted one headquarter assessment for Patagonia’s reaccreditation.

The full reaccreditation report below includes commendation for Patagonia’s strengths, including its commitment from top management to improve working conditions not only at facilities manufacturing for Patagonia, but also through deeper tiers of the supply chain; the company’s strong engagement with civil socieity to address issues facing migrant workers, pursue living wages, and ensure workers have a voice in their workplaces; and its collaborative “4-fold” approach to purchasing, whereby the sourcing, quality, environmental, and social responsibility teams all have an equal say in where and how to source products.