The Global Forum’s integrated, holistic approach rests on the understanding that each product has a supply chain and that each supply chain has an impact on people and the environment. We offer support for participants on how to address issues that arise in supply chains, based on a people-centered approach.

The Global Forum’s research is led by Professor Guido Palazzo of the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) at the University of Lausanne. Professor Palazzo supervises the Global Forum’s research activities through a network of contributors at U.S. and European universities. Learn more about HEC Lausanne and the Platform for Responsible Innovation, Management and Economics (PRIME) program.

Current Research

The Global Forum has recently conducted preliminary research into the different actors involved in the semiconductor industry and its role as part of the global electronics supply chain. We found the industry to be a complex network of cause-and-effect relationships between actors at different tiers – in other words, many outsourced design consultancies and contract manufacturers – which could lead to substantial risks for all involved and poses a severe sustainability threat. These risks are a result of several factors, including insufficient supply chain transparency; speed and price pressure from buyers; a focus on sanctions and warnings in the compliance pyramid, lack of awareness about environmental and human rights in the electronics industry; and a lack of representation of suppliers in the social dialogue about supply chains and responsible sourcing.