Supply Chain Innovation

Reach living wages with the FLA Fair Compensation Dashboard

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

FLA believes that all workers have the right to fair compensation and a living wage. As a nonprofit with a mission to promote human rights at work, the FLA works alongside companies, universities, and civil society to address the living wage gap for workers.

FLA members use a scalable wage data collection tool and its online FLA Fair Compensation Dashboard to measure and demonstrate progress towards a living wage for workers.

The Fair Compensation Dashboard is a one-of-a-kind tool to measure average worker compensation against living wage benchmarks. The tool uses responsive technology that compares factories in a supply chain and demonstrates wage progress over time, providing meaningful data a company can use to inform and advance discussions and decisions on fair wages. It is the only tool and methodology that is easily scalable across a supply chain and consistent with the work of the Global Living Wage Coalition and the Anker Methodology.

For years, the use of labor-intensive methods for measuring wages and the lack of clarity on living wage benchmarks kept the apparel and footwear industry in a state of paralysis. Now, with the FLA's scalable tools, the industry has an opportunity to move beyond debate and focus on tangible progress. Learn more in the document below.

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