Fair Compensation Toolkit

Award-winning living wage work

For years, labor-intensive methods for measuring wages, coupled with a lack of clarity on living wage benchmarks, prevented progress on living wage for workers in manufacturing industries, such as apparel and footwear.

Today, with scalable tools developed by FLA, there is an opportunity to move toward tangible progress on fair compensation.

FLA’s groundbreaking Wage Data Collection Tool and Fair Compensation Dashboard are award-winning living wage resources that work together to show companies the gap between what workers earn and what they need. These tools ensure that companies are equipped to publicly report on living wages in supply chains.

Wage Data Collection Tool Living Wage Public Reporting Guidance
We find Fair Labor Association’s wage tool to be very useful for companies to assess where they are in the journey towards paying a living wage. It provides essential data for companies to advance discussions and decisions on improving wages and internally assess how well they are doing. We hope that companies will not only use this tool but will also engage with FLA and others to move the needle on this critical issue.
Richard & Martha Anker, founding partners of the Global Living Wage Coalition, creators of the Anker Methodology

The Wage Data Collection Tool is an Excel-based model that is straightforward and scalable, allowing companies to gather worker wage data from apparel and footwear factories. It is freely available for use.

The companion Fair Compensation Dashboard allows companies to analyze average worker wages, measure those wages against living wage benchmarks from more than 30 countries, and track progress over time.

More than 50 of the largest global fashion companies use the Fair Compensation Toolkit to measure living wage progress and improve worker wages and quality of life.

FLA periodically shares aggregate data to show the prevailing wage in sourcing regions; for the latest data, click here. The analysis can be used by trade unions and workers to advocate better wages through collective bargaining and minimum wage setting.

  • 50
    More than 50 of the largest global fashion companies use FLA's Fair Compensation Toolkit.
  • 30
    FLA's Fair Compensation Dashboard allows analysis against living wage benchmarks from more than 30 countries.

FLA is committed to providing a practical pathway for companies from across industries to improve wages for workers around the world.

All FLA member companies must collect and analyze wage data from a representative sample of their supply chains using the FLA’s Fair Compensation Toolkit. The Fair Compensation Dashboard is available to non-member companies and their production facilities on a subscription basis.

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