Supply Chain Innovation

Participating Suppliers

Manufacturers, farms, factories and factory groups are key players in the global supply chain. Often, these producers, or "suppliers," are the first line of defense for protecting workers. They must meet brands' social compliance requirements and uphold brands' codes of conduct in their facilities. FLA Participating Suppliers take the commitment further through their own compliance programs and by committing to implement the same high labor standards as FLA Participating Companies. The joint commitment of brands and the facilities supplying them is essential to improving conditions for workers.

Yavuz Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, or Yavuz Hazelnut Products, was founded in 1933 in Giresun, Turkey.

Based in Hong Kong. Yee Tung operates 15 factories in eight countries that produce men’s and ladies’ sportswear and sleepwear, as well as children’s apparel.