Civil Society Organizations

The Civil Society Organization caucus helps shape programs and policies that amplify workers’ voices and hold companies accountable.

One of the most important components of FLA’s multistakeholder model is the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Caucus, which ensures a strong worker voice in FLA’s strategy, program development, and decision making.

FLA is committed to maintaining a diverse caucus that leads consultation with the international CSO community, emphasizing the points of view of labor unions and labor rights, human rights, consumer, faith-based, and other public interest organizations that promote or implement initiatives to advance workers’ rights in global supply chains.

CSO caucus work may include:

  • Providing guidance and input on FLA strategy, programs, governance, and other decisions
  • Supporting FLA staff in building broad engagement with the CSO community
  • Review of policies, work plans, and other aspects of FLA work that emerge from stakeholder recommendations
  • Increasing the effectiveness of FLA programs in improving the lives of workers

There are two formal ways for CSOs to engage with FLA.

Caucus member

Caucus members are invited by CSO board members to participate in caucus meetings and to advise board members on pending decisions. Caucus members may make proposals, provide information, and serve on board committees such as the Manufacturing Committee.

Board Member

Six CSO board members play an important role in FLA’s work by informing and voting on board decisions, providing input on policies and procedures, and proposing and advocating new or improved procedures that will positively impact workers’ rights. Each board term is three years.

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Leading international non-governmental organizations and unions help FLA achieve its mission.