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July 2023 Board meeting concludes; FLA welcomes two new members

On July 19, 2023, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) hosted its summer 2023 virtual board meeting. At the meeting, the FLA Board of Directors approved the applications of two new members: Founder Sport Group and Lucy and Yak. The board also voted to pilot a new program designed for single-factory suppliers and welcomed Rachel Duffy from Syracuse University as the new chair of FLA’s Manufacturing Committee.

In a members-only panel discussion, Sif Thorgeirsson, FLA Senior Director for Investigations and Engagement, and Olivia Windham Stewart, an independent business and human rights expert on apparel supply chains and due diligence, examined FLA’s place in the human rights due diligence ecosystem, ranging from ILO standards and the UN Guiding Principles to OECD guidance on responsible business conduct and emerging mandatory human rights due diligence frameworks. The conversation also highlighted how FLA requirements align with the OECD’s due diligence model and FLA’s approach to alignment moving forward.

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