Founder Sport Group

Statesville, North Carolina

Founder Sport Group is a leading manufacturer of Performance Lab-approved stock and custom sublimated apparel. Since 1933, teams nationwide have trusted Founder Sport Group brands Badger Sport, Alleson Athletic, Garb Athletic and ProSphere Athletic to help them perform at their peak. Years of experience have made the company a global expert in custom sublimation with unmatched speed, quality, and service. From the field to the stands, and at every practice along the way, Founder Sport Group makes quality apparel accessible to all at the speed of sport. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) priorities are centered on advancing health, safety and well-being; social compliance in the supply chain; and environmental sustainability. Founder Sport Group publicly discloses information on its CSR activities and impact on its website.

Founder Sport Group joined FLA in 2023.

Founder Sport Group is proud to join the Fair Labor Association and its community of industry, civil society, and collegiate stakeholders to improve working conditions around the world. The FLA’s framework for accreditation, third party verification process, and collaborative model are strengths that we can leverage as a responsible business to increase our positive impact.
Founder Sport Group