Durak Hazelnuts

Istanbul, Türkiye

Durak Hazelnuts’ priority is to deliver products to consumers with the best quality standards through sustainable hazelnut farming.  

Within the framework of Durak’s sustainability program, the company continues to carry out studies on many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Durak is primarily working to achieve SDG target 8.7: “Take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour.”

Joined FLA: 2023

As a company committed to sustainability and ethical trade principles, Durak Fındık is proud to announce our membership in the Fair Labour Association (FLA). Through our FLA membership, we pledge to promote fair labor practices and uphold human rights throughout our production and supply chain. Sustainability is a core value at Durak Fındık. We align our operations with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and strive to achieve them. We particularly emphasize Target 8.7, which aims to "end forced labor, modern slavery, and human trafficking by 2030 and prohibit the worst forms of child labor, including the recruitment and use of child soldiers, by 2025 and end all forms of child labor by 2025." We will continuously monitor our compliance with these commitments through FLA's independent monitoring and verification mechanisms. Durak Fındık is committed to contributing to a fair and sustainable hazelnut sector. This commitment will enable us to move towards a more just and prosperous future together with all our stakeholders.
Kadir Durak, Board Member and CEO