Harvesting the Future – Access to Remedy

Harvesting the Future – Access to Remedy is the second phase of an FLA-led project designed to create large-scale change on child protection and responsible recruitment through a “multi-commodity, multi-company, and multi-geography” approach.

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Phase two elevates topics that were identified as priority areas during the risk analysis in phase one.

  • Child protection and child labor remediation
  • Elimination of hazardous work for workers under age 18
  • Access to basic services for seasonal migrant families in agriculture
  • Responsible recruitment
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Application of living wage standards

The new project, scheduled to last 30 months, focuses on remediation and will equip project partners through a series of six modules. Module content varies to match the maturity levels of suppliers’ internal human rights due diligence and remediation programs, resources, and the commitment levels of the supply chain partners and companies.  

Core modules

  • Module 1: Child Protection and Remediation
  • Module 2: Farm Level Monitoring
  • Module 3: Access to Basic Needs and OHS
  • Module 4: Responsible Recruitment

Advanced modules

  • Module 5: Grievance Mechanisms
  • Module 6: Living Wage

FLA is responsible to implement the core modules among supplier project partners. Suppliers with mature programs will self-implement core modules with FLA delivering the advanced modules.

There are four agriculture commodities a part of the project. FLA established working groups to ensure operational level efficiency and the development of geographic and commodity-specific solutions.

New project partners and commodities are accepted on a rolling basis.

Project details

  • Launch date: June 2021
  • End date: November 2023
  • Company partners: ABF/Jordan Dorset Ryvita, CocaCola, Kellogg, Marks & Spencer, Nestlé, VoiceVale,
  • Industry partner: IDH/SSI
  • Supplier partners: Anatolia, Balsu, Durak Hazelnut, Ertürk, Grappa, Gürsoy, Işık Tarım, Jain, Jayanti, KFC Food, Ofi, Özgür Gıda, Pagmat, Ronly, Sabırlar, Tariş, Tuğrul, Yavuz
  • Project commodities: cumin, grape, hazelnut, tea
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    Industry partner

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    International “buyer” companies

  • 23

    Turkey-based suppliers