New Era Cap

United States

Brands include New Era Cap Headwear, 5th & Ocean Clothing LLC.

According to the New Era Cap Co. website, the company’s global Social Compliance Program operationalizes a commitment to responsible sourcing for headwear and apparel through education, risk assessment, strong partnerships with our suppliers, industry collaboration, promoting best practices, and stakeholder engagement. We select suppliers that share our commitment to ethical practices and labor standards, as provided for in our Workplace Code of Conduct.

Joined FLA: 2003

FLA Accredited: 2007

Since 2003, our participation in FLA has helped drive our program evolution from reactive to proactive, allowing us to benchmark our efforts with other leaders and stakeholders in responsible supply chains. In addition, having one of our strategic suppliers join the FLA has helped us encourage greater supplier ownership of social compliance.
New Era Cap Co., Inc.