University of Notre Dame

South Bend, IN

About the school’s commitment to protecting workers’ rights and the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct: 

Notre Dame Licensees must participate in the Fair Labor Association (“FLA”). Licensees with annual consolidated revenues of $50 million or greater must either join the FLA as a Category A Licensee participating company or as a Category B Licensee and subject all facilities where Notre Dame licensed products are manufactured to the FLA monitoring process. Licensees with annual consolidated revenues of less than $50 million must participate as Category C Licensees or as Category D Licensees if their revenues are less than $1 million and their production facilities are located within 200 miles of an FLA University of which it is a licensee.

The University of Notre Dame has high expectations regarding the level of corporate social responsibility commitment demonstrated by our licensees. FLA provides training and educational opportunities for licensees while simultaneously providing the University with feedback regarding the licensees’ progress in meeting company obligations. Notre Dame uses this information when evaluating prospective licensees as well as reviewing licensee requests for contract renewals.
University of Notre Dame