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University Advisory Council Student Committee

The Fair Labor Association has approximately 150 affiliated colleges and universities across North America. Students are an essential aspect of this relationship. On campuses everywhere, students are some of the most passionate and vocal defenders of workers’ rights. 

The FLA’s Student Committee offers students of affiliated universities the chance to learn about issues important to them and connect with others who share similar interests.

Student Committee participation includes: 

  • Webinars: Students may participate in interactive webinars on social responsibility and human rights topics presented by subject matter experts. 
  • e-Learning: Students have access to the FLA e-Learning program, an interactive online course catalog with approximately 70 lessons on social responsibility topics.
  • Networking: Students may join our invitation-only, private LinkedIn group. The group offers opportunities for additional engagement and the exchange of resources. We hope to offer in-person networking opportunities in the future.
  • Writing: Students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to write topical articles related to social responsibility and human rights for publication by the FLA. (Read one student's piece here.)

The following universities have student representation on our committee:

Email us to learn more about the Student Committee.