Supply Chain Innovation

University Advisory Council's Student Committee

Making a difference on campuses and around the world

Students on campuses across the country are some of the most vocal defenders of workers’ rights. As part of FLA’s Student Committee, 14 students from 10 universities are working with the University Advisory Council and FLA’s University Board members to advocate for factory and farmworkers around the world. The Student Committee makes a difference by:

  • Providing input on labor issues facing workers and other concerns related to corporate responsibility that matter most to students;
  • Engaging with peers and others throughout the year to discuss topics such as global efforts to protect workers’ rights and corporate social responsibility trends;
  • Gaining insight into the FLA’s work, including sustainable compliance initiatives and factory investigation reports; and
  • Electing student committee co-chairs to participate in annual UAC meetings and attend FLA board meetings.

Join the Student Committee

Interested in getting involved? FLA is no longer accepting applications for this cycle.