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Most students take pride in their universities and like to demonstrate school spirit. From t-shirts, sweatpants and hats, to baking accessories, golf equipment and headphones, students and alumni buy many products bearing their school's logo. Even as they enjoy these products, students and alumni also care that college-logoed products are manufactured in a facility that respects its workers and treats them well. FLA university affiliates are committed to ensuring that fair labor standards and human rights are respected wherever their branded merchandise is produced. FLA-affiliated universities require their licensees — any company manufacturing products bearing the school's marks or logo — to commit to the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct. Licensees are required to meet strict standards, and to develop social compliance systems that identify risks to workers and fix problems quickly when they are identified. FLA provides tools for college and university officials to monitor the performance of their licensees. Is your school involved? Find out below.
Each of the nearly 200 colleges and universities affiliated with FLA have a representative on FLA’s University Advisory Council (UAC), which also elects representatives to the FLA Board of Directors and advises on policy matters and monitoring activities. As representatives of their campuses, UAC members play an essential role in upholding workers’ rights around the world. 

Students use their buying power to advocate for fair labor standards for workers on campuses everywhere, and provide input to the UAC as part of its Student Committee.


About the school's commitment to protecting workers' rights and the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct: George Mason has officially licensed vendors who have been authorized to produce merchandise bearing the University's trademarks, which include all graphic and verbiage-based references to the University. Using officially licensed vendors better ensures the University's image and product quality. It also aids in ensuring that Mason product is manufactured in fair working conditions as we require all of our licensed vendors to affiliate with the Fair Labor Association.

About the school's commitment to protecting workers' rights and the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct: The College actively supports efforts to end unjust working conditions and to achieve compliance with internationally agreed upon norms, such as those identified by the International Labor Organization and the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights.The precise standards can and will change from time to time and the College and the Apparel Purchasing Committee established pursuant to this policy will take into account evolving standards of decency, fair practice, and justice, includi