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Alignment with the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct

Publication date: 
Monday, March 26, 2018

The founding Charter of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) requires each affiliated company to “adopt, and cause its applicable licensees, contractors, and suppliers to adopt, the FLA Workplace Code in the manufacture of its products.”  The Charter goes on to require each company to formally convey this Code in applicable local languages, “to its factories, and applicable licensees, contractors and suppliers, and to communicate [its] commitment ... to senior officers, managers, and employees of” all of these entities.

The FLA Code is based on international labor and human rights standards (primarily Conventions of the International Labour Organization [ILO]). In 2011, the FLA Board of Directors approved several enhancements to strengthen code elements governing hours of work, compensation, and other areas.  FLA-affiliated companies are expected to update their company codes to match the 2011 enhancements; the charts shown on the first document linked below demonstrate which Participating Companies (PC) and Suppliers (PS) have fully aligned their codes, and which have codes with the alignment of particular elements still in progress.  The second document below shows which Category B Licensees have fully aligned their codes for all tier-one production, which have aligned their codes for their collegiate production, and which have codes with the alignment of particular elements still in progress.

Any company marked as having fully aligned its code of conduct has secured approval from the highest level of the company that its workplace monitoring standards must meet or exceed those required by the FLA.  

The FLA will continue to work with companies that have code elements marked as “in progress” to bring those elements into alignment with FLA requirements. 

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