Founded in 1979, Balsu is one of the top three hazelnut processing and export companies in the world. It has a first-class natural and processed hazelnut product portfolio in both local and international markets, and aims to provide a sustainable, healthy, and high-quality supply chain from farmers to consumers while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Balsu leads the industry with a commitment to ensuring child labor-free harvests and implementing sustainable solutions to address labor challenges within Türkiye’s agricultural sector. Since 2013, Balsu has stood firm in partnership with the FLA, remaining resilient through challenges such as the COVID era. Our ongoing collaboration with the FLA showcases our unwavering dedication to ethical production practices, adapting to meet evolving needs.

Joined FLA: 2013

At Balsu, we adopt a healthy and traceable supply approach from the farmer to the final hazelnut consumer in line with our social responsibility principles and company mission. Focusing on community development activities, Balsu aims for sustainable growth through social, economic, and environmental practices in which it takes an active role. We are a partner in the U.S. Department of Labor’s project ‘Piloting Strategies to Reduce Child Labor in the Hazelnut Harvest’ as well as in FLA’s Harvesting the Future project.