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Gear For Sports

All products. Gear For Sports' compliance program is accredited by FLA.
From the Gear For Sports website: GEAR For Sports® is completely opposed to sweatshops or abusive labor practices. We instituted our first written code of conduct detailing our standards back in 1995. We established our office of Global Human Rights Compliance in 1997 to insure that workers manufacturing our products were treated fairly and to convey to our factory owners the importance of our code of conduct to our many stakeholders.

When Estofel, S.A. of Guatemala City, Guatemala, shut down in late 2007, a number of FLA affiliates—including the University of Washington, Gear for Sports, Hanesbrands and Philips-Van Heusen—led an effort with Ghim Li and the Collegiate Licensing Company that resulted in severance payments to 871 former Estofel workers from the parent company of the closed facility. Read more.

Between November 2014 and March 2015, the Petralex factory in Villanueva, Honduras, illegally fired or forced the resignations of at least 19 garment workers, including nine SITRAPETRALEX union leaders, and 10 union affiliates or relatives of union leaders, according to an independent investigation conducted by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in April of 2015.

On March 20, 2013, FLA commissioned Comisión para la Verificación de Códigos de Conducta (COVERCO) to investigate incidents of violence against workers and allegations that their freedom of association rights had been violated at the Tecnotex factory in Nicaragua. The factory manufactures products for Gear for Sports, Inc. (GFSI) under a licensing agreement from Under Armour.

GFSI is a privately owned company that owns the brand Gear for Sports and also produces for other well known brands. Headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, GFSI produces headwear and custom decorated apparel for normal distribution channels and is also a university licensee. GFSI owns a domestic facility and works with contract facilities in the U.S. and overseas.

Click the link below to download an analysis of GFSI's compliance program as of October 2010.  (Hanesbrands acquired GFSI in November 2010.)